Minnesota Permit to carry

Topics Covered:

  • MN Permit to Carry Certification
  • Developing a Protection Plan
  • Violent Encounters and The Aftermath
  • Defensive Shooting Fundamentals
  • Legal Use of Force
  • Gear and Gadgets
  • Basic and Advanced Skills
  • Self-Defense Firearm Basics
  • Upon Completion you will receive a Certificate, your MN permit Will be good for 32 states

Rifle Basics

Topics Covered:

  • Philosophy of Use
  • Slings
  • How to Maintain you Rifle
  • Different Opitcs
  • Safe Handling¬†

Women’s Basic Self Defense

Topics Covered:

  • Basic Fundamentals
  • Intermediate Fundamentals
  • Defensive Shooting Fundamentals
  • Off body Carry options

Private Lessons

If you’re not comfortable with being in a big group.

We are available for private courses for all of our listed classes by appointment, whether it be here on-site or we will travel to you as long as you have a safe place to shoot. 

To schedule private training, please send us a email at

Pistol Basic

Topics Covered:

  • Safe gun handling
  • Proper sight alignment
  • Proper sight picture
  • Proper stance
  • Trigger Control
  • Firearms Maintenance

What you MUST bring:

  • Ear protection, ear plugs or muffs (if you have it)
  • Eye protection (if you have it)
  • Hat optional

Safe Storage and Maintenace 

Topics covered:

  • Safe storage
  • Breakdown of firearm
  • Cleaning
  • Child safety and what to do if you come across a unsecure firearm

Pivotal Gear

Topics covered:

  • Holsters
  • Belts
  • Lights
  • Optics
  • Off Body Carry

Countering The Mass shooter

Topics Covered:

  • What We Have Learned About Mass Shooters
  • Countering The Threat
  • Protecting Your Congregation
  • How Gun Free Zones are soft targets.

Pivotal Defense also offers a number of hour and half mini courses. contact use to set your online course up.

Online courses:

  • Personal and home protection plan
  • Legal use of force
  • The aftermath of a violent encounter
  • Pivotal Gear
  • Safe and Storage
  • Self defense basics