Intro to Rifle





Description: The AR-15 Basics class is a comprehensive introduction to one of the most iconic and versatile rifles in American firearm history. Whether you’re a newcomer to the AR platform or looking to refine your skills, this class will provide you with a solid foundation in AR-15 operation, safety, and marksmanship.

In this class, participants will dive into the design of the AR-15, gaining an understanding of its components and how they function together. From the upper and lower receiver to the gas system and barrel, you’ll learn the anatomy of the AR-15 and how to perform basic maintenance and troubleshooting.

Safety is paramount, and our experienced instructors will emphasize proper firearm handling techniques and range etiquette throughout the course. You’ll learn how to safely load, unload, and clear malfunctions with the AR-15, ensuring a safe and enjoyable shooting experience.

Hands-on instruction will cover fundamental shooting skills specific to the AR-15 platform, including proper stance, grip, and sight alignment. Participants will have the opportunity to practice shooting drills under the guidance of our instructors, building confidence and proficiency with the rifle.

Whether you’re interested in recreational shooting, competition, or home defense, the AR-15 Basics class will equip you with the knowledge and skills to safely and effectively handle this legendary firearm. Join us and discover why the AR-15 has become the rifle of choice for millions of shooters across the country.

Topics Covered:
  • Safe gun handling
  • Safe gun storage practices
  • Where is it legal to carry
  • Deadly force in self defense
  • Proper sight alignment
  • Proper sight picture
  • Proper stance
  • Trigger Control
  • Rifle Maintenance

What you MUST bring:

  • Ear protection, ear plugs or muffs (if you have it)
  • Eye protection (if you have it)
  • Hat optional

Important Information: * Minimum of 2 students must be enrolled in each class. If minimum enrollment is not met or there are thunderstorms you will be notified and rescheduled, no refunds. We will gladly move your class to another date that works for everyone if something happens to come up and your unable to make the scheduled date.


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