Home Defense Plan June 13th (Copy)



This class is about developing a working home protection plan to help keep yourself and your loved ones safe.
Developing a personal & home protection plan is a key component of not only preparing for how we should (or might) react if confronted by a violent crime, but also how we might avoid violent crime in the first place. Within this lesson,we explain that developing a protection plan is about much more than becoming proficient with a firearm or writing up a home invasion plan. It’s a plan that must encompass awareness, avoidance, and preparation, so that we’re less likely to find ourselves in a situation where we have no other option than to use our firearm, rather than more likely.
Topics Covered:
  • What is a home defense plan?
  • How to set up a home defense plan
  • home invasion statistics
  • How to make your home look less appealing for a home invasion
  • Home defense firearm options


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