Tactical Emergency Care (Tailored Defense Training Group)


This course is for a person with no prior medical experience that’s looking to learn on how to keep a victim of a violent crime or terrorist act, like a stabbing, shooting or bombing, alive until an ambulance arrives. This class will cover proper patient assessment and application of medical equipment. LEARNING THESE SKILLS WILL HELP KEEP SOME ALIVE UNTIL MEDICAL ASSISTANCE ARRIVES.






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This one day of intense Point of Injury Training brought to you by the Tailored Defense Training Group. Aquil Bey, a retired Master Sergeant, U.S. Army Green Beret, Nationally Registered Paramedic and Tactical Emergency Casualty Care Instructor, delivers an intense program of critical trauma management skills. Your experience includes LiteFighter365 Point of Injury Trauma Management using evidence-based procedures recognized by the Committee of Tactical Emergency Casualty Care. This class will be 8 to 10 continuous hours of intense training and once successful, Students will earn LiteFighter365 First Responder Validation. Students should be prepared to bend, lift, crawl and identify, expose and treat simulated injuries to both inanimate and living patients. NOTE: Participants will be trained and evaluated to levels equal to and greater than Emergency Medical Technicians and tactical medical providers. The Tailored Defense Training Group is a Recognized Educational Partner from the Committee for Tactical Emergency Casualty Care and is trained, skilled and authorized to deliver this program. Investment includes required trauma kit and training aids.
Gear list:
Wear clothing you don’t mind getting dirty in, in addition to firearm if you carry. No need for ammunition.
this class is for everyone even if you have no medical training at all this will be a great experience for you.
Class will be held at:
AUGUST 13, 2022
1400 Liberty Lane
Delano, MN 55328
Course will start at 8:00 am


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